amit levy

PhD Candidate Computer Science Stanford University GPG Key

At a coffee shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand
I’m a Computer Science PhD student at Stanford University. I’ll be joining Princeton University as an Assistant Professor this Fall!

Until recently, I worked with David Mazières in the Secure Computer Systems group and Phil Levis in the Stanford Information Networks Group.

I’m generally interested in distributed systems, operating systems, security, privacy, programming languages and good will towards people. I’m currently spending most of time working on a new secure operating system for low-memory microcontrollers called TockOS.

In another life, I work on MemCachier - memcache-as-a-service for web applications hosted on platforms like Heroku. I do not generally recommended starting a business while in grad school, but if you have to – and sometimes you have to – I highly recommend doing it with pleasant people, like Lindsey Jacks, Ian Ross, Sascha Trifunovic and my co-conspirator David Terei.

My partner-in-crime, Kaitlin Morrison, is doing a fellowship at the Natural Resources Defense Council in New York. So, while I’m still a student at Stanford, I live and sometimes work in New York.

Way back when, in December 2010 I graduated from the University of Washington with an MSc in Computer Science and a BSc in Computer Science and Economics. On the computer science side of things, I worked with Roxana Geambasu, Hank Levy, Tadayoshi Kohno and Arvind Krishnamurthy on web privacy and distributed systems. On the economics side of things I worked on writing exams with as little preparation as possible. In hind sight I should have taken classes in something useful instead. Maybe history.

I interned at Google (a popular surveillance system and search engine), once developing distributed testing tools, again building tools to help developers schedule their cluster jobs, and yet again porting Tock to an internal platform. Before that I worked at the Grameen Foundation as an intern on the MIFOS (Micros Finance Open Source) project. Before I knew how to code I was a day-camp counselor at a performing arts camp.

Once, I met Eben Moglen and he asked me if I worked for Mossad, which seems like a silly question to ask someone you think might work for Mossad.